Education Overview

Holy cross website girls.jpgAcademic Focus

We champion reading as the foundation for all learning 
and scholastic 
progress and work to develop strong reading skills in all students. Our school embraces the standards of the Sioux City Diocesan curriculum which are based on the most recent education research, best practices  and recommendations from the Iowa Department of Education in the areas of literacy, mathematics, science, social studies and 21st century learning,


Our teachers review how students are meeting standards and work to

enhance the progress of each student. Our teachers engage students

using instruction with iPads, interactive whiteboards, laptop computers and more.


Rigorous standards that go beyond public schools requirements have been a

hallmark of Catholic education. By holding our students to the highest standards,

we are ensuring that this tradition of excellence in education continues.


Through the generous donations from our school community, our middle school 
students are able to use 
wireless laptops in the classrooms. We also have a 
computer lab in each 
center for student use.


Higher Test Scores

Our student test scores are higher than local, state and national averages.


Remedial Help

For students needing extra attention, we offer tutoring, student mentoring,

area education agency services and other individualized programs.


Faith Formation and Service

Holy Cross School infuses Gospel Values within all curriculum areas to offer

experiences which lead students to a deeper awareness of God’s presence

in their lives. We begin each school day with student led prayer and end

the day with prayer. There is a strong tradition of spiritual formation and

academic achievement by our students as they progress from PK through

8th grade. Students open and close the day with prayer, attend Mass each

week and are involved in planning and being part of the liturgy.


Guidance and Counseling

A full-time school counselor regularly visits classrooms to promote positive

attitudes, choices, and interpersonal relationships among students. In

individual and group interactions, our counselors focus on the personal and

academic needs of students. By helping students deal with classroom and

personal challenges, they help students succeed in school.

We also match trained volunteer mentors with select students through our 
TeamMates program to help further enhance student succcess.