2018-19 Choir Results

Congratulations to all students who auditioned for next year’s choirs. Everyone did a GREAT job! Please understand that we hold auditions for a reason. There are so many talented and hard-working students in our department; therefore, it is easier for a judge to make a decision based on your audition than for Mr. Flanery and Ms. Wragge to choose. 

 Please know that we understand that some of you will be disappointed with the results.  Remember that your parents were not in your audition nor the audition of every other student.  Please come talk to us this week if you would like to discuss your placement.

We are very proud of all of you and are excited about the direction of the department.  Thank you for all of your hard work!  We appreciate you!

Dr. Flanery and Ms. Wragge

2018-19 Mixed Choir

Bell Canto

2018-19 Chorale