High School Scholarships

For applications and deadline information, please see Bob Geary, Director of Guidance at Heelan High School. Call 712-252-0573 or email. Bob.Geary@bishopheelan.org

Rose and Edward O’Kane Scholarship: $500 for several
To freshmen who show dedication to growing academically, spiritually and morally.

Brian Goetz Memorial Scholarship: $500 for several
To freshmen who show dedication to hard work and more.

Jack and Margaret Gill Scholarship $500 for 2
To freshmen who show dedication to hard work and more.

LuVerne E. Duffy Scholarship: $Full tuition for 1
This four-year, full-tuition scholarship is available to one incoming freshman every four years. This scholarship will be available again in 2014. 

Father Alfred McCoy Memorial Scholarship Fund $500 for several
For promising freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors who show dedication to academics, activities and sound character. 

Col. V. Thomas Considine Memorial Scholarship: Fine Arts, $500 for 1
Awarded to a student who is involved in vocal or instrumental music.

Clement E. Duffy Scholarship: $2,000
One year $2,000 scholarship awarded to an involved Bishop Heelan High School student.

Michael R. Kuehl Memorial Scholarship: $1000
Awarded to a spirited sophomore or junior.

Carrie Mach Spirit of Life Scholarship: $1,000
Awarded to a current freshman and junior student involved in community service

Fred Lennon Scholarship: $1,000
Awarded in spring to a junior boy meeting criteria.

Amy Graves Mace Service Scholarship: $1,000
Awarded to an incoming freshman or current underclassman.

Brian Goetz Memorial Scholarship: $500
Awarded to 2 current high school students who show dedication to hard work and meet other criteria.

Catholic Daughters of America: $500 for 3

Catherine Birzle Education Scholarship: Variable
Awarded to high school students each year based on criteria.

Maurie Noonan Tomke Tuition Assistance Award: $100
Awarded to an incoming junior in athletics and music who has earned honor roll status.

Guadalupe Scholarship Fund: Variable
Four-year scholarships awarded to Hispanic students based on need. Level of need is based on TADS