Success Starts with Kindergarten

2 girls

Your Child is Growing Up! 
Going to kindergarten is an important step for your child. Your son or daughter will grow sociallyand become more independent. At our schools, kindergarten students learn skills to be proficientreaders, write a complete sentence and understand basic math. Our teachers guide them to learn in the classroom and be considerate of others.Our kindergartners also enjoy special school events and activities that further enrich their school experiences. 

Smaller School Buildings 
Our students come to school in uniforms. They learn discipline with purpose, which sets the tonefor learning. Our smaller school buildings and smaller classes enable our teachers to work more closely with your child. As a result, we offer a safer, more focused environment.

We Teach about Jesus
We teach your child about Jesus and how he teaches us to love each other, our neighbor and our families. We pray with your child and pray for others. We bring your child to Mass to teach the importance of faith in our lives. With our faith-based focus, we nurture the whole child to better guide them through life.

Parent Support
Our parents are united in helping our students succeed in and outside of the classroom. Parentswho invest in their child’s education by paying tuition create a partnership with our teachers, staff and each other to help give their children the best education possible.

All of this helps students score higher in tests to develop their full potential.