Enjoying huge tax benefits is “a piece of cake”

Great Tax Benefits are a Piece of Cake
Posted on 11/08/2017

If you are a parent, alum, teacher or friend of Catholic schools and you pay Iowa taxes you can enjoy a huge tax benefit by donating to the Monsignor Lafferty Tuition Foundation this November. Funds donated to the local Foundation come back as tuition grants to hundreds of our students to help them attend Sioux City Catholic Schools. 

A $1,000 donation for people in the 25% tax bracket, can give back up to $900 in credits and deductions! Talk to your tax advisor asap since situations vary. Act soon. Credits could  be gone by Thanksgiving. Obtain a simple gift form by calling BHCS Admin Offices at 712-252-1350 or email janet.flanagan@bishopheelan.org.