Lafferty Foundation

Thank you for visiting our page about the Monsignor Lafferty Tuition Foundation, a fund based at the Diocese of Sioux City offices at 1811 Jackson St to help Catholic school students in our Diocese.

Nearly 500 students attending Bishop Heelan Schools in grades K-12 were able to afford tuition this year with the priceless help of the Monsignor Lafferty Tuition Foundation. The fund awards tuition grants to students of qualifying families that attend a Catholic school in Sioux City or in the Diocese of Sioux City. 

If you pay Iowa taxes, and make a gift to the Foundation, you will receive an Iowa tax credit certificate worth 65% of your donation, plus a federal charitable tax deduction. 

Consult a tax advisor about your individual tax situation. You can donate by check, credit card, stock and grain. You will receive a tax credit certificate in January 2020 acknowledging your 2019 contribution to MLTF.

For more information contact:
Bishop Heelan Admin Advancement Office at 712-226-0414
Office of Communications & Stewardship: 712-233-7524