Our Tax Credit Program

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Over 500 students attending Bishop Heelan Schools in grades K-12 were able to afford tuition this year with the priceless help of the Monsignor Lafferty Tuition Foundation. The fund awards tuition grants to students of qualifying families that attend a Catholic school in Sioux City or in the Diocese of Sioux City. 

If you pay Iowa taxes, and make a gift to the Foundation, you will receive an Iowa tax credit certificate worth 65% of your donation, plus a federal charitable tax deduction. 


$1,000 Donation

$10,000 Donation

$250 may be saved on federal taxes*

$2,500 may be saved on federal taxes

$650 (65%) State Tax Credit

$6,500 (65%) State Tax Credit

$900 = Net Tax Savings

$9,000 = Net Tax Savings

$100 = Donor Cost per $1,000 contribution

$1,000 = Donor cost per $10,000 contribution

assuming a 25% tax bracket and if proposed IRS ruling does not reduce federal deduction.

For more information contact:
Bishop Heelan Admin Advancement Office at 712-252-1350 
Office of Communications & Stewardship: 712-233-7524
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Guidelines for a Monsignor Lafferty Tuition Foundation Donation: 
All gifts to MLTF are subject to compliance with the Diocesan Gift Policy. 

The designation of any gift shall be limited to the definition of an eligible student by the Code of Iowa and the criteria established by the Board of Directors of the Monsignor Lafferty Tuition Foundation. 

90% of each designated gift is allocated to the selected Diocesan Catholic School and 10% allocated to the unrestricted fund. 

If a school has met their designated goal, donations may be redirected to a school that has not met their designated goal. 

Donations designated “Where Needed Most” may also be redirected to a school that has not yet met their designation goal. 

When multiple locations are designated by the donor, the gift will be allocated proportionally among the locations who have not yet met their designated goal. 

If designated funds are not used for the designated school because of the lack of eligible students, those funds will be allocated to the unrestricted fund to be awarded throughout the Diocese of Sioux City where need is greatest. 

Information contained here is not professional or legal advice. Consult a tax advisor about your individual tax situation. You will receive a tax credit certificate in January 2017 acknowledging your 2016 contribution to MLTF.