Board of Education

BHCS Board of Education meetings are held about 10 times a year in the BHCS Administration Building at 50 13th St. Please call to check dates and times.

These board members volunteer their time and represent the four parishes that support our school system: Cathedral of the Epiphany, Holy Cross, Mater Dei and Sacred Heart.

2019-20 Officers and Members:

Tim Brown, Board Chair 
Bridget Breen
Santa Fernandez
Deena Townley
Nick Hegarty
Melissa Uhl
Linda Bernard
Luis Villalobos    
Doug Skinner
Michael McGowan 
Fr. David Hemann
Fr. David Esquiliano Diaz 
Fr. Brad Pelzel , Diocese of Sioux City
Fr. Dan Rupp, Pastor
Fr. Terry Roder, Pastor